Who We Are

Asheville Painting Co. is a locally owned and operated full service painting company serving Asheville and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to our community by being a living wage company and giving back when the opportunity arises.

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Professionals You Can Count On

Whether your project is for a single room or your entire house, our attention to detail and professional work habits, coupled with high integrity makes doing business with Asheville Painting Co. a rewarding experience.

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Dominoes stacked on top of each other on a white background in Asheville.

The Painting Asheville Domino Effect

The Painting Asheville Domino Effect

While driving home from work one day, through a neighborhood that I have noticed might be in need of some sprucing up, I noticed one house on the very end of the road had a crew of painters there working on painting trim work. A few days later I saw another crew working on a project a few houses down, across the street. This got me thinking about the painting Asheville “domino effect” we often times experience in our industry.

Painting Asheville

Over a six month perid I have noticed a significant rise in this trend and decided to do some research on what was contributing to this influx. First I gathered the jobs that were in the same neighborhoods from the past 6 months. I looked them all over and gathered three key pieces of data from each job. How did they hear about us? Survey results or comments made? The date the job was quoted.

These three things gave us some vital information. The date the jobs were quoted and knowing how they heard about us gave us the ability to see a clear pattern of how the first quote led to the others. We were able to see that quotes scheduled closely together is one key factor in a domino effect. Next we were  able to look at the job and found that they were all similar in nature. If the first job in the neighborhood was an exterior it was likely the others were exterior as well.

We were also able to see the satisfaction results of the first customer and how that related to the other leads. In most cases the quotes following the first job mentioned things that they were told about our company and crews. Some of these things included: good communication, responsible, courteous, clean and good quality work.


So what does all of this information mean to us? Well, it means that we are meeting and exceeding our customer satisfaction goals. We are able to remain professional and make good impressions on the entire area of a job site, also that our training, policies and procedures are working for our company and our customers.

Customer satisfaction and word of mouth referrals are two of the top reasons our company has grown to where it is today. We take pride in our work,  our strong relationships with customers and to experiencing more painting Asheville  “domino effects”.