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Asheville Painting Co. is a locally owned and operated full service painting company serving Asheville and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to our community by being a living wage company and giving back when the opportunity arises.

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Whether your project is for a single room or your entire house, our attention to detail and professional work habits, coupled with high integrity makes doing business with Asheville Painting Co. a rewarding experience.

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Asheville Painting Company Can Spruce Up Your Exterior for Spring!


Are you as sick of this cold and snowy winter as we are at Asheville Painting Company?  I’m sure we are all ready to enjoy the spring weather, when we can go outside without having to put on multiple layers and scrape snow and frost off every surface.  With all the slush your home is probably in need of a good spring cleaning.  Now that the warm weather is finally arriving, you might want to consider pressure washing.

Asheville Painting Company provides a professional pressure washing service, so you don’t have to worry about doing all that clean-up yourself.  Pressure washing can be a dangerous task if you are not experienced.  Not to mention, if pressure washing is done improperly it can do some damage to your home.  However, there are multiple benefits to this spring-cleaning task.

Pressure washing is not just for your homes exterior.  You can pressure wash your deck, to remove all the dirt buildup and stains to reveal the rich color of the wood again.  Maybe you want to remove the combination of dirt, oil, and grease stains from your driveway or garage floor?  Pressure washing is a perfect way to get rid of that in no time.  Before you know it, pressure washing can spruce up multiple aspects of your home in time for warmer weather.

Pressure washing prevents damage to your home.  How? If you don’t clean your home, all the salt and grime from the winter sit on your homes exterior.  Over time that residue can cause serious and permanent damage, which will cost more in the long run to repair.

Additionally, with spring and warmer weather comes allergy season.  Believe it or not, pressure washing can help with allergies.  By pressure washing the exterior of your home you can simultaneously reduce the level of allergens in and around your home, while giving your home a visual boost.  Pressure washing will not get rid of allergies completely, but it will help by reducing the amount of coughing, sneezing, and watery eyes that you and your family might face.

If you’re ready to start crossing tasks off your outdoor spring cleaning to do list, call Asheville Painting Company today!  Schedule a free quote for pressure washing or any of your exterior painting needs by calling our office at: 828-279-4801.