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Asheville Painting Co. is a locally owned and operated full service painting company serving Asheville and surrounding areas. We are dedicated to our community by being a living wage company and giving back when the opportunity arises.

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Whether your project is for a single room or your entire house, our attention to detail and professional work habits, coupled with high integrity makes doing business with Asheville Painting Co. a rewarding experience.

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Asheville Painting Company can solve your winter weather worries

Thanksgiving is almost here – which means the rest of the winter holidays are just around the corner.  This leaves many homeowners trying to squeeze in their end-of-season exterior jobs, and many ask the same question: “Is it too cold to paint?”  Our reply – not quite yet!

It was not long ago that many paints, stains, and primers could only be applied at temperatures above 50 degrees, meaning any cold front could throw off an exterior painting project.   This had professional painters and do-it-yourselfers in the Asheville area packing up their brushes, rollers, and sprayers until warmer weather returned in the spring.

Luckily for us, a variety of paint and primers have been made to withstand temperatures as low as 35 degrees and can help combat the chill in the air when it comes to getting your painting projects done.  These products have drastically reduced the winter downtime and allowed painters everywhere to continue working in the winter.

However, just because these products are made to withstand harsher temperatures, this doesn’t mean they are not fool-proof and there are not guidelines that should be followed.  Here are a few tips maximize the success of your painting project in the cold weather:

  • Make sure the air temperature and surface you’re going to be painting are above 35 degrees: You can use an infrared thermometer to measure the temperature on each surface to be painted.  Concrete and stucco surfaces frequently are colder than the air around them, especially in the morning hours.
  • Be aware of the dewpoint:  Moisture can become frost.  Don’t allow the dew to settle on paint before it dries, it can give a patchy or blotchy look because moisture will be trapped under the paint film.  To avoid this, wait until the surface temperature will be 5 degrees higher than the dew point before applying a primer or paint.
  • Plan your painting around the upcoming forecast.  Never start painting without consulting the weather report, this report tells you about current and expected temperature levels in your area.  It is important to know the air temperature and humidity because paint relies on it for drying.
  • Store unused products in a warm, protected environment to preserve their quality. Leaving the cans outside can ruin the paint if it is exposed to freeze and thaw cycles – the temperature of paint matters a lot!

Want to leave your winter painting to the professionals?  Fortunately, there are painting companies like Asheville Painting Company that are well equipped to handle such jobs.  We have the right supplies and know-how to handle the winter weather challenge that Asheville presents.

If you would like to talk to someone at Asheville Painting Company about exterior painting or any of your additional painting needs, please feel free to call us:  828-279-4801